Paris Hilton Sex Video


I’m sure everyone on the planet knows who Paris Hilton is and are likely familiar with her love of the social spotlight and her various antics to get in it.  Including her 2004 Celeb Sex Video that I’m also sure most are aware of.  But shockingly enough, I still meet people who have no clue about the amateur porn performance that the Hotel Heiress put in.  So this is for them and of course for any other Paris Hilton lovers that can’t resist reading about and looking at her naked getting fucked.  Hate the bitch or love her, for a skinny little nitwit she’s not too bad to look at.  Her mysterious magical cleavage, that grows and disappears from night to night add to the excitement… but that’s a story for another time.

Paris Hilton Blow Job

Paris Hilton Blow Job

So right about the time the mostly unknown socialite was to star in a new cable reality show rumors started running wild on the internet about a new XXX Homemade Video that was recently stolen submitted for a buyer to release.  The video was said to be stolen so that it would stir up more controversy and sales.  And of course ratings for her new show.  Convenient right?  Anyways, lets get back to the video here that stars Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon, who was rumored to have been dating Shannon Daughtery when the video was actually taped in 2001.  A totally amateur night vision scene kicks the video off, if you can get past the raccoon eyes then your all good

A Night In Paris Night Vision

Night Vision

Paris Hilton Bra

Paris Bra

Paris Hilton Hard Nipples

Hard Nipples

Then the two fuck buddies break into some dialogue with some painful attempts by Rick Solomon at flirting.  Don’t worry, the camera is directed at the skinny blonde attention whore, so we at least get a good look at her body both dressed and naked.  Check out her nipples, man those things are hard and poking out.  That’s Hot.  Solomon then gets down on hands and knees and eats the pussy of the Hotel Heiress… For a long time.  At least Paris makes a cute face when she cums.

Eating Paris Hilton Pussy

Eating Pussy

Fucking Paris Hilton

Fucking Paris

Deep Inside Paris Hilton

Deep Inside

Back to the bed for some more fucking.  A few switches in position change up the angle of the deep stroke and bring the two to climax.  Switch over to another night vision scene and get ready for one of the funniest moments ever.  A cell phone rings and Paris Hilton answers it and then proceeds to carry on a conversation with whoever it was while getting fucked doggy style.  That’s gotta sting the ego.

Paris Hilton Blowjob


Paris Hilton Sucks Dick

Paris Sucks Dick

Paris Hilton Cumshot


It all ends with a big bang.  A 10 minute blowjob scene with Paris Hilton sucking dick and showing off her awesome cock skills.  Man, this blowjob is worth the price of admission alone.  She works the cock like a seasoned pro, getting into and loving every moment of it.  And then he pops, shooting his load of cum all over her chest and getting a little on her chin.  It’s a thing of beauty, however I think she would have swallowed it all if he hadn’t pushed her head back before he popped.  Ready to see A Night In Paris, The Paris Hilton Sex Tape?

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