Kim Kardashian Ass Fucked


Everyone in the world is familiar with Kim Kardashian’s booty, her huge and lovely phat celeb booty.  She is easily one of Hollywood’s Big Booty Queens, but did you know that she is also one of its anal queens?  That’s right, the celeb whore loves to get ass fucked.  Talk about a wet dream come true for me and millions of others.  Man the things that I have fantasized about doing to that sweet booty.  If you haven’t seen her Celeb Sex Video yet then you are missing out on Ray J sliding 9 inches of hard black cock deep into that ass.  You can tell by her face that Kim Kardashian loves every moment of it.

Kim Kardashian Ass Fucked By Ray J

Kim Kardashian Getting Ass Fucked By Ray J

It’s been a few years since this sex video was stolen leaked onto the internet, but it’s still a hot item.  As long as Kim Kardashian stays in the spotlight, people will continue to want to see more of her naked and getting fucked.  I for one, can’t wait until more videos are released of her fucking which ever black cock she’s dating at the time.  At this time it Kanye West… Man wouldn’t that be something hot to watch.  Hopefully of there is one with Kris Humphries, it will be destroyed and lost forever.  That poor clueless boy got taken for a ride and had no idea that she was only using him to further her career a bit more.  Anyways, let’s get back on track here, and that track is Kim Kardashian getting ass fucked during her homemade celeb sex video.  Look at the cock Ray J is working with as she sucks on it before flipping over to offer her phat booty to him.  What a face she makes when he’s balls deep in that ass.  Hot!

Kim Kardashian In Bra

Kim K Bra

Kim Kardashian Blowjob Ray J

Kim K Blowjob

Kim Kardashian Ass Fucked By Ray J

Balls Deep

In a recent interview, Kim Kardashian finally admitted the Celeb Sex Video was a career move modeled after her former best friend Paris Hilton.  She claims that her own mother advised her to do it that it would do wonders for her.  And It indeed has, while she would still be semi famous without, she wouldn’t be a favorite of the paparazzi nor would her family have their silly reality TV show.  I guess Kim Kardashian getting ass fucked worked out for the entire family.

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  2. Layla says:

    that she had made a sex tape years ago now she is really fnileeg ashamed embarrassed about the whole thing but to me i think she is ok i don’t call a skank are any thing like ever body else is doing i have never ever saw a sex tape that she has made any way’s but i like her other 2 sisters i think in my own opinion that they are hot Odin~~~>

    • Erdbeer says:

      I hate this what about me generation, and don’t like myslef for hating them. I am so sick of hearing about them, let alone caring what they have to say for one second and I can’t even fathom following them on Twitter. Chances are the money they raise will take months or years to reach the intended charity anyway- they ought to really put their money where their big fat mouths are, and physically go to Africa and work directly with these people, bringing their celebrity status and money with them too. But leave your blackberrie/iphones and other electronic devices at home!

  3. [...] amazingly like a young Kim K., She’s built just like her with amazing curves and a yummy Phat Booty.  She can be heard on video stating that she is over 18 yrs old and is married, but since her and [...]

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