Paris Hilton Sex Video

I’m sure everyone on the planet knows who Paris Hilton is and are likely familiar with her love of the social spotlight and her various antics to get in it.  Including her 2004 Celeb Sex Video that I’m also sure most are aware of.  But shockingly enough, I still meet people who have no clue about the amateur porn performance that the Hotel Heiress put in.  So this is for them and of course for any other Paris Hilton lovers that can’t resist reading about and looking at her naked getting fucked.  Hate the bitch or love her, for a skinny little nitwit she’s not too bad to look at.  Her mysterious magical cleavage, that grows and disappears from night to night add to the excitement… but that’s a story for another time.

Paris Hilton Blow Job

Paris Hilton Blow Job

So right about the time the mostly unknown socialite was to star in a new cable reality show rumors started running wild on the internet about a new XXX Homemade Video that was recently stolen submitted for a buyer to release.  The video was said to be stolen so that it would stir up more controversy and sales.  And of course ratings for her new show.  Convenient right?  Anyways, lets get back to the video here that stars Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon, who was rumored to have been dating Shannon Daughtery when the video was actually taped in 2001.  A totally amateur night vision scene kicks the video off, if you can get past the raccoon eyes then your all good

A Night In Paris Night Vision

Night Vision

Paris Hilton Bra

Paris Bra

Paris Hilton Hard Nipples

Hard Nipples

Then the two fuck buddies break into some dialogue with some painful attempts by Rick Solomon at flirting.  Don’t worry, the camera is directed at the skinny blonde attention whore, so we at least get a good look at her body both dressed and naked.  Check out her nipples, man those things are hard and poking out.  That’s Hot.  Solomon then gets down on hands and knees and eats the pussy of the Hotel Heiress… For a long time.  At least Paris makes a cute face when she cums.

Eating Paris Hilton Pussy

Eating Pussy

Fucking Paris Hilton

Fucking Paris

Deep Inside Paris Hilton

Deep Inside

Back to the bed for some more fucking.  A few switches in position change up the angle of the deep stroke and bring the two to climax.  Switch over to another night vision scene and get ready for one of the funniest moments ever.  A cell phone rings and Paris Hilton answers it and then proceeds to carry on a conversation with whoever it was while getting fucked doggy style.  That’s gotta sting the ego.

Paris Hilton Blowjob


Paris Hilton Sucks Dick

Paris Sucks Dick

Paris Hilton Cumshot


It all ends with a big bang.  A 10 minute blowjob scene with Paris Hilton sucking dick and showing off her awesome cock skills.  Man, this blowjob is worth the price of admission alone.  She works the cock like a seasoned pro, getting into and loving every moment of it.  And then he pops, shooting his load of cum all over her chest and getting a little on her chin.  It’s a thing of beauty, however I think she would have swallowed it all if he hadn’t pushed her head back before he popped.  Ready to see A Night In Paris, The Paris Hilton Sex Tape?


Latina Babe Elsa Pataky Naked

Elsa Pataky Naked

Latina babe Elsa Pataky, fuck me man… Where to start with her.  I guess first off she’s smoking hot, fuck that, she’s unbelievably hot and has a mix of that spicy Latina and exotic European gypsy blood flowing through her.  With a combination like that, you know damn well she’s a beast in the sack.  How about her roll in Fast Five, the Rio Heist?  Even though she played a cop, She’s so damn hot she gets a pass.  Hell, I’d almost consider letting her catch me just to be searched and maybe roughed up a little by her  Anyways, lets get to the fucking point of this post, Celeb Babe Elsa Pataky Naked.  The yummy Latina Celeb shows it all and shows a lot of it, that sweet ass, those perfect boobs and in the immortal words of Booger the nerd… “We got BUSH!!!“.  Enjoy this short sample video of Elsa Pataky Naked from the movie Ninette.

How about that amazingly sexy body?  If it didn’t get the juices flowing then I don’t know what will, you may need to see a doctor.  Personally, I’m imagining how tasty Elsa Pataky is.  You ready to see more of her and other Naked Latina Celebs?  Check it out and see some more samples of the thousands of naked celebs that await you.

Octomom Masturbation video 1

Octomom Home Alone

Octomom Home Alone, the newest Celeb Sex Video to hit the news is now available to the public.  The video gives us a Hi-Def glimpse deep inside the daily life of Nadya Suleman.  Lucky for us, she happens to be child free on the day we get see her.  Spending the day scantily clad, she sets about doing her chores and living out naughty fantasies of hers.  As the title indicates, Octomom Home Alone is just that, America’s Favorite Mom spending the day alone pleasuring herself, masturbating all over her house and backyard.  For a mother of 14, the bitch is actually pretty fucking hot and watching her spread her pussy open Finger Fucking herself will definitely stir feelings in the cock.  Feel free to FAP away as you watch her cum several times, working herself into the ultimate sexual bliss.

Nadya Suleman Home Alone

Home Alone Boobs

Octomom Finger Fucking Her Pussy

Finger Fucking

Nadya Suleman Masturbation Video

Nadya Suleman Naked

Boo, his and make fake vomit sounds all you want, you’re just as curious as the rest of the world.  You know you want to check it out, go ahead and watch it, it’s OK.  If the dumb ass semi-celeb wasn’t known for the mass number of kids she has given birth to, she would be just another MILF shooting porn and a fairly hot MILF at that.

Octomom Celeb Sex Video

Bubbly Kiss

Octomom Naked With Vibrator

Octomom’s Vibrator

Octomom spread her pussy open

Octomom Cums

See the Celeb Sex Video that has had the internet buzzing.  Nadya Suleman, naked and alone, pleasuring herself in her XXX debut.  Semi-celeb turns porn star, starting off with a Full Length Masturbation Video.  Complete with behind the scene footage and out takes giving us a chance to see another side of the infamous mom.

Nadya Suleman licks vibrator

Tasty Vibrator

Nadya Suleman Boobs

Octomom Boobs

Octomom Masturbation video

Cumming Hard

Get instant access to this XXX video and an exclusive Octomom interview with award winning porn queen Jessica Drake now.  Allow curiosity to get the better of you, sit back and enjoy a few FAPs along with the infamous celeb MILF that spends the day masturbating.

Watch Home Alone, The Octomom Celeb Sex Video Here.

emilia clarke topless

Mr Skin 2011 Nude Anatomy Awards

The Mr Skin 2011 Nude Anatomy Awards featured the hottest of the hot Naked Celeb scenes to hit the screen over the past year.  Showing off a wide variety of new Hollywood flesh as well as a few long time favorites, all of them showing off their sweet yummy goods for our pleasure.  See the sinfully succulent dragon queen, Emilia Clark win a award for her nude scenes in Game Of Thrones.  Man… those boobs, practically perfect and so delicious looking.  Does Nicki Minaj deserve to win the best live network Celeb Nipple Slip?  Will Natalie Portman’s tiny white booty win a award?  Who will win the Nudecomer of the year award or 2011′s best granny panties scene… Gross Awesome.  The big winner of the night was Susan Sarandon, taking home the Lifetime Skinchievement Award.

Mr Skin, the worlds premiere source for Naked Celebs proudly presented the 2011 Nude Anatomy Awards showcasing the best nude scenes as voted on by staff and members of their site.  Check out the hot video below for a minor glimpse into this one event alone, but that’s not all you get access to.  Mr Skin opens up their entire library of Naked Celebs to their members promising to have every celeb nude scene of all time.  Get instant access to Mr Skin Here.


Star Wars XXX

The release of porn parody video Star Wars XXX caused nerds of the world to cry out in ecstasy.  The fictional Sci-Fi characters who shared sexual tension in the original films now get to play out their fantasies as well as yours with no limits and a huge porn studio budget.  Famed porn video director Axel Braun and his A-list cast deliver yet another high quality XXX parody, mixed with a twisted view on the galaxy from far far away.  With all the drama the Luke and Leia kiss caused before, the scenes from this video will make heads spin… and cocks hard ready to for FAP.  How many Star Wars fan boys have dreamed of a threesome with Luke, Han and Leia?  Well, Dream no more, now you can see it in full HD.

Star Wars XXX Parody Luke, Han Leia Threesome

Star Wars XXX Parody Luke, Han Leia Threesome

The intense action of Star Wars XXX starts right away as Darth Vader interrogates Princess Leia with his huge black cock trying his best to get her to give up the info.  Unable to speak with a mouth full, she is dragged of to galactic to jail to be probed more later.  Obi-Wan, then rescues Luke from an attack by the Sandpeople, after which he fucks one of the females they left behind on the hood of his land speeder.  The all lesbian orgy in the cantina may be the hardest part of the video to watch, not the sex itself but the looped cantina space music… keep the remote close so you can mute this scene.  Chewbacca comes to the rescue and literally bangs a few of the scantily clad Storm Troopers unleashing his wookie love all over 2 of them.  Once the dark side is destroyed the celebration begins and the clothes come off in the hottest threesome the galaxy has ever seen.

Obi-Wan Fucking Female Sandpeople

Obi-Wan Fucking

Chewbacca bangs two storm troopers

Chewbacca Bangs Storm Troopers

Darth Vader interrogates Princess Leia

Darth Vader Probes Princess Leia

Star Wars XXX, A Porn Parody was directed by Axel Braun and stars:  Allie Haze, Seth Gamble, Rocco Reed, Hef Pounder, Tom Byron, Lexington Steele, Chi Chi La Rue, Aiden Ashley, and Kimberly Kane.

XXX Celeb Parody Sex Videos

Octomom Masturbation Video

Octomom Masturbation Video

The much hyped Octomom masturbation video is about to become reality as the solo celeb sex video has moved into post production and is days away from its official release.  To pump up interest, Wicked has started releasing promo still shots and screen caps from the actual XXX Video in hopes of boosting sales for one of the most talked about moms in the world.  Admit it or not, Nadya Suleman is indeed a MILF and for the number of kids she has birthed, I have to confess that I think she looks damn hot and I would indeed hit it hard.  Shit, she actually looks better then half the active porn stars that are flooded all over the net.  If it wasn’t for her previous fame, 90% of those trashing her for this video would be quick to pay for this video.  I bet most of them do anyways as their curiosity hard cock gets the better of them wanting to watch the hot MILF pleasure herself in a variety of settings and often surrounded by baby items.

Octomom Masturbation Video Promo Pics

Octomom Masturbation Video

Octomom Masturbation Video Promo Pics

Octomom Masturbation Video

Octomom Masturbation Video Promo Pics

Octomom Masturbation Video

Octomom Masturbation Video Promo Pics

Octomom Masturbation Video

Octomom Masturbation Video Promo Pics

Octomom Masturbation Video

Octomom Masturbation Video Promo Pics

Octomom Masturbation Video

Octomom, AKA: Nadya Suleman first became famous infamous in 2009 when through the use of in vitro fertilization she gave birth to octuplets, in addition to the 6 children she already had.  The public backlash against her was instant and fierce and many of the allegations have turned out to be true.  Nadya Suleman swore to the world that she was a great mother, perfectly fit to care for all 14 children on her own without assistance or welfare even though she was unemployed and already getting state aid for 6 of the children.  She of course went on to collect aid for all 14 children after her hopes of a reality TV show were crushed.  She also swore that she had too much class and respect for herself so she would never turn to porn to support all those hungry mouths at home, I guess we know how that turned out with the upcoming release of the Octomom Masturbation Video.  For now, the MILF is sticking to her guns of not touching another persons flesh on video, but with her track record we will see her doing triple anal by the end of the year.

hayden panettiere main

Hayden Panettiere Boobs

Mother of god… please let this be the real deal.  Hayden Panettiere exposing her boobs while wearing a see through outfit, pulling one out so we can get a better look at her perfect teen celeb boobs.  The tiny, sexy celeb babe who had people everywhere hollering “save the cheerleader, save the world” doesn’t really seem like the type to bare the goodies for her fans, but we can all have hope, Right?  Actually the goody goody image of Hayden Panettiere gets my mind going, hoping that the rule of good girl in the streets, freaky slut in the sheets applies with her.  While I think know this photo of Hayden Panettiere’s Boobs is a fake, please allow me a moment to believe it’s the real deal so another XXX Celeb Fantasy can be created and stored for use later.

Hayden Panettiere exposing her boobs

Hayden Panettiere Exposing Her Boobs

arianny celeste naked main

Arianny Celeste Naked

Check out Arianny Celeste naked on her balcony talking on the phone.  I guess there really is no private time for celebs, but knowing that the paparazzi is always watching the UFC Octagon Babe still stepped out completely naked… And we thank you for doing so.  Are these naked photos giving you a slight peeping tom voyeuristic feeling?  Yeah me too and it’s kinda nice.  But back to important subjects like Arianny Celeste and her smoking hot naked body,  Man, the nasty naughty things I would do with her in and out of bed and even out on that very balcony for all to see me in all my glory as I triumph and live the fantasy of millions.

UFC Octagon Babe Arianny Celeste Naked On Her Balcony

Arianny Celeste Naked

UFC Octagon Babe Arianny Celeste Naked On Her Balcony

Arianny Celeste Naked

UFC Octagon Babe Arianny Celeste Naked On Her Balcony

Arianny Celeste Naked

The Octagon babe has had quite the eventful last few weeks, first Arianny Celeste Was Arrested and charged with alleged domestic violence after kicking her boyfriend in the face and now these new naked photos.  This isn’t her first time being naked in a photo, The UFC Babe also got naked for Playboy in a 2010 celeb photo spread.  While she was undeniably hot as fuck in Playboy, these voyeur style shots give me more of a pleasant tingle in my crotch.

miley cyrus upskirt main

Miley Cyrus UpSkirt Pussy Flash

Miley Cyrus is all over the gossip pages again with another Celeb Upskirt Photo but this time she is caught with no panties on and gives the world a clear glimpse of her freshly shaved sweet teen pussy.  If you have ever wondered if her carpets matched the drapes then now you have your answer… Miley Cyrus has no carpets.  The Sexy Celeb Teen Queen is no stranger to controversy, posting sexually provocative self shot photos of herself on her personal myspace and twitter accounts followed by videos of her hitting a bong and of course the infamous Miley Cyrus lap dance video.  Allegedly, her GMail account was hacked and several near nude photos of her were leaked at one point during her time as Hannah Montana.  Anyways, lets get back the current upskirt photo and the sweet bare teen pussy residing between the legs of Miley Cyrus, The Paparazzi was in the right place at the right time.

Miley Cyrus UpSkirt Pussy Flash

Miley Cyrus Pussy Flash

Miley Cyrus UpSkirt Pussy Flash Close Up

Miley Cyrus Pussy Flash

madonna nipple flash 01

Madonna Nipple Flash

American pop singer Madonna flashed her nipple to over 55k people that attended her Human Nature concert in Istanbul, Turkey.  However, the wardrobe malfunction that caused this Celeb Nipple Slip was anything but accident.  The on purpose nipple flash was clearly planned and done for nothing else than to kick up some dust and create headlines (It Worked) to pump of ticket sales for future destinations on this tour.   I don’t know if Turkey is the country I would choose to expose myself onstage in, but that’s just what Madonna did during the performance of her hit song “Express Yourself”.  After putting her swollen pink nipple back inside of her bra, she spins around and has the words No Fear across her back.  Personally, I wish Madonna would leave her clothes on these days, allowing me to remember the hotness of her glory days, the days when she posed completely naked in Playboy Magazine.

Madonna nipple flash

Madonna Pre Nipple Flash

Madonna Nipple Flash

Madonna Nipple Flash

Madonna No Fear

Madonna No Fear

The 53 year old Madonna is no stranger to controversy and seems to be doing her best to stir some up while on tour.  The concert nipple slip comes on the heals of her firing shots at Lady Gaga during another recent concert.  I guess she’s just not ready to give up her status as the queen of American pop singers.  The Aging MILF Celeb still looks great, and is even pretty damn hot when fully dressed.  I mean hell, I’d still take Madonna for a ride, but the lights would have to stay off as the sight of her naked these days can be a boner killer.  That said, Madonna will always hold a special place in  my heart crotch as the first babe to ever make me jealous of a Coke bottle.

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